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8 thoughts on “ Я Опять Одинок (Again I Am Alone)

  1. Мир русской грамзаписи. The World of Russian Records. Cat No (Mx/Ctr No) Take: Title Name (Composer) Artist(s), Accompaniment: Rec Date.
  2. Op 26 No.9 Я опять одинок (I Am Alone Again) by Rachmaninoff Julia Gershkoff's Master of Music Recital at the University of Southern California, recorded on March 7th, Pianist: Elise Lawrence Recording and Sound E.
  3. On the lips of my love, I'm alone again На губах своей любви я опять одинок, But dreaming with a kiss Но сновидение ты целуешь меня. I could lose, I could fall, I could fold and then Я могу терять, могу падать, могу сгибаться, Come right back to this.
  4. And I'm alone. And it seems like yesterday We were in love every day But now that time has passed away. I'm so alone. Tears in my eyes. I can't sleep 'cause you cry And I see you and me in my dreams. I'm alone again. When can I say that the time slips away For the rest of my life Я одна Было время, когда я .
  5. Coming home I'm alone again. Приходя домой, я опять одна, ты и я, опять вдвоём, Now that time has passed away. наши дни других времён, And I'm alone. но это сон, And it .
  6. Опять один. Take off my disguise. I'm living someone else's life. Suppressing who I was inside. So I throw two thousand ones in the sky. Together we're alone (Together we're alone) In Vegas, I feel so at home (In Vegas, I feel so at home) I'm falling only for the night.
  7. But you are not alone, I am here with you. Ну почему я одинок. Just the other night I thought I heard you cry. Однажды ночью мне показалось, что я твой плач слышу Say it again, you are not alone, you are not alone. Повтори это снова, ты не одинок, не.
  8. I’m all alone I’m the son of Babylon And I’m on the run Calling saying I’m dying again Praying for the night To give me shelter from the storm In shadows of my past I’m all alone I’m the son of Babylon And I’m on the run Hell is calling now my time has come Я одинок Я сын Вавилона.

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