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  1. Oct 16,  · A handful of tiny-ship, exploration-minded companies offer cliché-free trips for years. Guests on board are more likely to share stories of trekking trips than to compare notes on other ships.
  2. Cruises lend themselves to groups. If you take a cruise with people from an organization you belong to (e.g., a college alumni trip), you’ll see old friends and meet new ones. If it’s a theme cruise (e.g., a jazz-themed departure), you’ll meet people you have plenty in common with. A cruise is a romantic experience.
  3. Jan 24,  · "What’s really different in a fresh way these days is that people from various perspectives are choosing to be cruise journalists, a job that really didn’t exist 20 years ago," she says.
  4. The Star Flyer -- a four-masted, sail luxury sailing ship -- holds only passengers maximum (and there weren't that many on my trip). But it offers the deluxe amenities of the larger cruise.
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  6. There are many choices in cruise lines. It's not too likely that many people talk to a travel agent about visiting Alaska and leave convinced that instead, they want to take a cruise to the Caribbean. For that reason, instead of talking about destinations right out of the gate, I want to cover the question of which cruise line to try out. I so often see the question, "What.
  7. May 20,  · I agree with your comments regarding Athens. That was a good point you made about the opportunity to get a “quick impression” of a location to decide whether it is a place that you would like to return and spend more time. You did a get job describing the benefits of cruising that many people have a difficult time articulating.
  8. Jan 28,  · People who complain that there isn't enough time to explore the destinations during their voyage should look at cruises as a good way to sample places and decide where they'd like to .
  9. With literally thousands of people on a ship, chances are any cruise you sail on will have its share of excitement caused by passengers. And that's to say nothing of the potential for weather, medical emergencies, or even breakdowns that cause ships to be stranded. For better or worse, some cruises do have a bit more excitement than others.

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